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  My name is ***, a ** to be graduated from the Baoji College of Arts and Science in Human Resource Management students. To take this career, I with a sincere heart and pursuit of the cause, in good faith, recommend their own. I know only a few sentences outlining a complete itself is not easy. I really just want to use the language of the most pure, introduced themselves as comprehensively as possible to your organizations job to express the most sincere desire. Sincere desire to be able to join your organization, a building block for your organization tomorrow, but your organization is willing to contribute their youth and wisdom.

  While studying at the school system to study the human resources management professional theoretical knowledge, but also a positive constant, based on solid, professional for the breadth and depth。 The use of Baoji College of Arts and Science of the advantages of integrated institutions, usually outside of professional books to read to improve the inpiduals self-cultivation, to make their own talents to the complex direction。 After school hours, to strengthen the physical training, so they have a healthy physical learning and working。

  I know very well that in todays society, apart from the empty theory is not enough, the need to apply the theory to practice, during the school has been actively participating in various activities to improve their ability to work with a strong sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard, honest, confident, dedicated. And down-to-earth every effort to do one thing. Professional military industrial complex in Shaanxi Shaanxi Electric open practice their theoretical knowledge to learn and practice.

  The past does not mean that the future is the true meaning of hard work, practical work for I believe that I was able to quickly adapt to working environment, familiar with the business, and in practical work, keep on learning and improving themselves, do their jobs.


  Dear Sir/Madam:


  I am XX college human resource management of XX class a just out of college students, with respect and longing for your company, I sincerely wrote this letter, to show you a completely true and I, I hope your school will accept me to become a member.

  Through four years of professional study, I deeply love my major. Professional learning to let me know the knowledge of human resources management, including staff recruitment, training, performance appraisal and compensation management and other aspects of knowledge. I come from Wuxi, Jiangsu. Today, I was informed that your organization is helpful to the career development of staff, I would like to apply for the relevant positions of your unit.

  During the four years of school, I study hard. Big two participated in the Party school training and successfully passed the graduation. At the same time, through the efforts I got the National English four levels of certificates, retold in Jiangsu Province computer level certificate, Mandarin Level 2 grade a certificate. And in the big three summer vacation to get the people's Republic of China motor vehicle driver's license c1.

  At the same time as a social man, I actively participate in various activities。 A former grade cultural minister, organized a large party and the long game。 In the process of improving their interpersonal skills and ability to work。 Also participated in the many extracurricular activities, participated in the TCL color TV, aux air-conditioning and other household electrical appliance promotions, in Changshu Jinnan Paper Co。, Ltd。 as an office assistant, as school dance club teachers guide students to learn dancing。 As a member of the Red Cross, I take part in blood donation activities every semester。 Because of the hobby of street dance, has organized, participated in the school dance contest and won awards。

  A large number of practical activities that I have the opportunity to contact with all kinds of people, encountered a variety of difficulties. In dealing with these problems at the same time I exercise their own ability to do things, can fully think about the problem, have their own views on things. These are my foster team spirit, so that I could bare the face of sincere self.

  Job the way, Baigezhengliu, into the early studies, they will have to face real life, the heart because the vicissitudes of life very upset。 However, I firmly believe that in a solidarity, forge ahead of the collective, in the benevolent leadership Mingze and Tixie, fluent in world students foot soldiers into the wood into a tree can be。 A sense of life, is for my parents inculcate knowledge and sweat is infinite return good for you as I love and the。 For the cause and the future, I will persist in the pursuit of failure and setbacks, I will be calm in the face of。 I have enough courage and perseverance, to meet every challenge in life! I dare not assert that I am the best, but please believe me I will be the most effort! The most positive! If Huina, I will endeavour。

  With the letter attached, looking forward to an interview! If I have the honor to become a member of your company, I will go all out to work, and strive to create value for the company!

  I wish your company business success!









  同时作为一名社会人,我积极参加各种活动。曾任职系文娱部部长,组织举办多长大型晚会及校级比赛。在这过程中不断提高了自身的人际交往能力及处事能力。也参加了多项校外活动,参加过tcl 彩电、奥克斯空调等家电的促销活动,在常熟市金南纸业有限公司担任办公室助理,也作为学校舞蹈社教员指导学生学习舞蹈技术。作为红十字会的一员,我每学期参加献血活动。由于爱好街舞,曾组织、参加校街舞大赛并获得嘉奖。


体彩七星彩中奖规则   求职之途,百舸争流,学业初成,便要直面真正的人生,内心因不经沧桑忐忑不安。但我坚信,在一个精诚团结,锐意进取的集体中,在仁爱领导的明泽和提携下,初谙世事的学子足能兵可成将、木可成树。踏踏实实做人,是父母对我的谆谆教诲,知识和汗水是我对您善视和爱护的无限回报。对于事业与未来,我会执着追求;对于失败与挫折,我会坦然面对。我有足够的勇气与毅力,去迎接生命里的每一次挑战!我不敢断言我是最优秀的,但请相信我定将是最努力!最积极的! 若为惠纳,我将尽心竭力。


体彩七星彩中奖规则   祝贵公司事业蒸蒸日上!
















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